Sherry Karnosky


Contact Information:

  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone: 1-906
  • Disciplines: Dance, Freestyle, & Moves
  • Coaching Rate: $10 per 15 minutes

Coaching Philosophy:

  • Testing:  I encourage skaters to test when ready.  I charge $9.00/day to coach tests at Home rink, $10.00/day Out-of-town and the same amount/day, not event, for competition.

  • Competition: I encourage skaters to compete and strive to skate their personal best, regardless of placement.

  • Summer School:  I encourage skaters to attend summer 

Qualifications (Tests Passed):

  • Dance: Silver medal and 1 Pre Gold with solos, the complete Pre-Gold Dance Test and 3 Gold Dances As an Adult or Master

  • Freestyle:  Juvenile

  • Figures:  1st Test (Bronze medal), Adult Bronze Figure Test

Tests Successfully Coached:

  • Figures:  1 

  • Moves (Preliminary through Juvenile):  on my own 55, with others 1, Total 56

  • Freestyle (Pre Preliminary through Juvenile):  25

  • Dance (Preliminary through Gold):  on my own, 437, with others 17, Total 454  

  • Additional area of expertise taught:  Posture and Carriage

  • USFS Dance Judge, Bronze Level, 1989-1992

  • Education:  B.S. in Education (’70), M.S. in Library  Science (’72)  Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison

Coaching Rates:

  • Lesson Fee: $10/15 min. at Home Rink, $11/15 min. Out-of-town

  • Music Fee: $20/program, 2 copies provided on CD and/or tape