Each year, The Copper Country Skating Academy teams up with the Michigan Tech Learn-To-Skate program, and some local guest skaters (Michigan Tech Figure Skating Club, dads and/or High School hockey players) to present the Spring Ice Show.

This year's show - Around The World - will be presented on April 4 (7pm) &  5 (2pm), 2020

Get involved now with the ice show!

The ice show schedule is as follows:

  • Dress Rehearsals: 
    • April 3 from 5pm to 9pm 
    • April 4 from 10 am to 12am

  • Pre-show Warm-up: 
    • April 4 from 3:45pm to 4:45pm
    • April 5 from 11:30am to 12:15pm

  • Performances: 
    • April 4 from 7pm to 9pm
    • April 5 from 2pm to 4pm

Don't miss your opportunity to help out with the ice show.  Ice show committee members are needed to help with all aspects of the ice show - don't miss out on the fun!  Once registration is over, check back for the volunteer sign-up form because it is a big event and we will need volunteers for all aspects of the show, including:

  • Music selection
  • Ice show number selection
  • Flower sales
  • Collecting tickets at the doors
  • Assisting skaters on and off the ice during rehearsals and shows
  • Friday props set-up
  • Sunday afternoon props and locker rooms clean up
  • Prop construction - If you have an artistic hand or are interested in helping with this, talk to a board member or sign up at registration night!

List of Previous Ice Show Themes:


 Show Theme


2020  To Be Announced!  
2019  Broadway on Ice  
2018  Fantasy on Ice  
2017  Night at the Oscars  
2016  Roadtrip  
2015  Skating Through The Decades  
2014  Going For The Gold  
2013  Paradise on Ice  
2012  What's on my iPod?  
2011  Happily Ever After?  
2010  Wedding Bells on Ice  
2009  CCSA on Broadway  
2008  Blockbusters on Ice  
2007   Skate Across The States  
2006  Colors on Ice  
2005   Sail Away  
2004  Century Cafe  
2003  Wizards O  
2002  Musicals On Ice  
2001  Spring Break 2001 Florida Fun!  
2000  City Lights  
1999  Time Machine  
1998  Imagine That  
1997  Around The World In 80 Minutes  
1996  TV Classics  
1995  Some Place Special  
1994  Swingin' Decades  
1993  Global Affairs  
1992  Magic Moments  

As Portage Lake Figure Skating Club

1992  Come Dance With Us  
1991  See You At The Movies  
1990  Skate With Us - Through Time  
1989  Skate With Us - Through Disneyland  
1988  Skate With Us - Around The World  
1987  The Four Seasons  
1986  Hats Off to Broadway  
1985  Popular Hit Parage  
1984  Tropical Tunes  
1983  Storybook Land   
1982  Musical Moods  
1980  Over The Rainbow  
1978  Icy Scenes From Movie Themes  
1975  Disney's Wonderful World of Carnival  
1974  A Spring Garden