The Copper Country Skating Academy typically hosts four test sessions per year. An August high-test session, a November high-test session during the Turkey Trot competition, a January single panel Low-test session, and a March high-test session.

  • Unless otherwise noted, tests will be held at the MacInnes Student Ice Arena (Google Map).
  • All applications will be accepted on a first-come, first served basis with a priority given to home club and associate members.
  • Any skater whose home club is not the Copper Country Skating Academy (CCSA) must have test permission from their home club (Download Form).

Test Session Dates - in club:

Test Date

Application Deadline

More Information

January TBA

Low level test session; single panel
Members: log into your EntryEeze account
Non-members: find "click here" in the upper left to register

August  TBA

Part of the Michigan Tech Summer Skating School

Test committee chair: Debra Charlesworth (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Test Policies for In Club tests:

  • Test applications must be received online through EntryEeze by the deadline shown in the table above.
  • Beginning in August 2016, paper forms will no longer be accepted.
  • Late applications will be assessed a late fee as shown on the application.
  • Non-CCSA members must pay an out-of-club fee.
  • Applications must include payment to be considered complete.
  • Home club members will receive first priority, followed by: associate members and then non-members (based on application date) in that order. Dances will also have priority when a guest pro partner has been invited.
  • The test and partner practice schedule (when applicable) will be emailed to coaches and skaters approximately one week prior to the test session.
  • Checks returned for insufficient funds will have results held.  Testers will be responsible for bank fees and will not be eligible to test with CCSA until all fees are paid.

Coach Information:

  • All coaches must be USFS compliant and CER Category A or B.
  • Coaches who are not on the USFS compliant coaches list and/or cannot provide a current coaching registration card will not be permitted to coach any skaters during warm up or testing 

Partner Information:

  • Skaters must test with the guest dance partner, or contact the test chair for approval to test with a different partner.
  • For test sessions when there is not a club-sponsored partner brought in, skaters may test with a partner of their choosing.

Refund Policy:

  • Full refunds (minus the convenience fee) will be given in the following cases.  At the test chair's discretion, a credit may be applied to CCSA member accounts that can be used for future club purchases:
    1. Tests pulled prior to the application deadline.
    2. Tests pulled if the skater is medically unable to skate (must provide doctor's note).
    3. Tests pulled after the deadline if the time can be filled by someone from the wait list.
    4. Tests pulled by a coach seven days before the test session.
      • If the application deadline is less than seven days before the test session, no refunds will be given after the application deadline.
    5. Dances pulled by the out of town partner.
    6. Extenuating circumstances (at the discretion of the test chair).

Schedule Requests:

  • All special requests for test time or partner time must be made in writing to a test chair by the application deadline.
  • Requests will be considered and accommodated if possible.