All this activity means every CCSA session becomes more crowded as skaters and their respective Teaching Pros work very hard to prepare. It is absolutely necessary that all skaters and Teaching Pros on each session cooperate to ensure every skater's safety and ability to adequately prepare to test, compete, and learn. So, who has the right of way?

To answer this very important question, CCSA set the following Priority Guidelines. It is everyone's responsibility on the ice to comply with the Guidelines to the best of their ability. None of us are perfect, no one "owns" the ice, and all of us must maintain a "head's up" attitude toward what we do and what happens around us when we skate.


Everyone should give way to Partnered dances, with or without music.
Couples actively partnering dances may not be able see other skaters on the ice to avoid collisions as they work with each other in partnering positions. Most dance tests require skaters to partner and no one can do this well without adequate practice.



Everyone, except those actively partnering at the time, give way to skaters whose music is being played. Those actively partnering do their best to place their dance patterns away from the pattern of the Dance or Freestyle program being played.
It is everyone's responsibility to watch for the person or people whose dance or program is playing and it is the responsibility of all Teaching Pros to help their skaters, and, sometimes, other skaters as well, understand where a program or a dance pattern is going to be on the ice and how to move or stay still to be out of its way.



Skaters in lessons with a Teaching Pro have priority on the ice when specific Dance or Freestyle program music is not being played and no one is actively partnering. All other skaters not in lessons should give way to those taking lessons with a Teaching Pro.

It is not always obvious to all skaters that another skater is in a lesson and practicing/learning something potentially dangerous. Teaching Pros carry responsibility for watching their students very carefully and warning their and/or other skaters of potential collisions.

Music Monitors and Dance or Freestyle Program Requests. CCSA Guidelines for priority of requests for music follow the above guidelines. The Music Monitor should play requested music in this order: Partner Requests first or before other requested music, Teaching Professional Requests second or before any Skater Requests, and Skater Requests third. If possible, the Music Monitor should use the microphone in the Music Box to announce all requested music before playing it to alert all skaters and Teaching Pros.

Skaters and Teaching Professionals should be polite and thoughtful on the ice as they work, practice, or teach, keep a "heads up" attitude toward what happens around them, and move or stay still as necessary to be out of the way of those with Priority according to these Guidelines. Skater Safety is everyone's job!

Sherry Karnosky
CCSA Pro Liaison